A few weeks ago my friend sent me a PDF file of Hitler pictures. Lots of Hitler pictures, many showing the way Germany’s leader drew masses of people. And it got me to thinking about the personal power he had; his capacity to convince so many souls to follow him, or fear him. Had he been a benevolent leader, think of the positive changes he could have made. But we know his story, and that’s not what I’m writing about.

I’m writing about YOUR personal power, and mine. I’m writing about what it is, and how we get it. And I’m writing about how we lose it.

First, what IS personal power? In my opinion, person power is our ability to get what we want.

If it takes others to help us get it, we must convince them to support us. Why do some people have that skill and others don’t?

But that’s not a fair question. All of us get help along the way and acquire things. It’s the DEGREE of achievement that sets apart one person from another.

Yes, some people have the ability to sway huge masses of people, from a fan club to a workforce to a nation? How do they do that? How do some people become the best in the world? Of course it’s practice and determination. But that’s not enough. There’s something else that the very best winners have, and do. And here’s what it is:

WORLD LEADERS in politics, sports, entertainment, finance, religion, whatever, rise to the top because they BELIEVE they deserve it. They BELIEVE they can achieve it. And they have confidence about their beliefs. Then they do what they do, say what they say, practice-practice-practice, and they never give up.

I’m sure many of you have read or heard this message before. But it’s worth being reminded. Achieving anything, whether it’s power, fame, riches, or love, is a head trip. It’s a concept. And it takes FAITH to believe you have it before you have it…or denial, or conceit, or greed, or lust, or tranquility or fearlessness or passion. To win, it takes a narrow, emotionally charged focus of attention without every questioning the outcome.  The moment DOUBT enters the mind, the potential goal moves further away, and the more difficult it is to convince others that your vision supersedes theirs.

Belief and confidence – that’s it.

TIGER WOODS, from the little I know about him, was raised to believe he could excel in golf. And we know he did. For years there was Tiger Woods, and everyone else on the course behind him. And then…came his fall from grace. He was publicly pilloried, ridiculed and humiliated for his philandering and sexual cheating. And what happened to his golf game? He lost it. He lost his ability to win. But what else did he lose? He lost his ability to focus on the game. He lost the belief that he was a winner, that he DESERVED TO BE A WINNER. And then his confidence broke down.

Very little of value can be created without confidence. Yet for every Tiger Woods there’s  a come-back story!

So how do you restore CONFIDENCE when you’ve lost it, or never had it? You build confidence by never giving up. You just keep trying, and eventually, you get a single baby-step success, which gives you the incentive to try again. When another small success is achieved, you can look back and say, “Humm, maybe I can do this. I should keep going.” And you do. Bigger goals are reached, which lets you believe that it’s not impossible to rise!

FACT: If you’re not at the table playing your hand, there’s no way you can move up in game. You’ve got to pull up a chair and say, “Howdy. I’m in.”

Whether you believe you can win or not, you’ve got to get your butt out of bed and look at your cards!

Everyone has cards. Play them! And here’s a secret that will get you to the game.

Just playing is winning.

Yep! Because if you were scared to play for the fear of rejection, but you got yourself filling out that resume or writing that first chapter, or entering that contest, THAT in itself builds confidence. THAT is achievement! And the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

I can now make cold calls without my palms sweating! I may not land the job, but if I’ve made that conversation pleasant for the other person on the line, those few minutes alone will be a reward, for both of us. And it won’t be forgotten. The process then becomes the prize. And the bigger one comes later.

When I’m not blogging and writing under the name of Irving Podolsky, I work in the Hollywood as a freelance something else. I’m in the soup watching everyone, and I can tell you all the players in film business are looking for the job, the movie, or the money for the movie. And once they get the money, and the movie gets made, they’re looking for the audience. Everybody needs everybody else, and we’re all calling each other! If we didn’t believe that at some point, somebody would say YES to our wants, no movies would get made. Nothing would get made.

And so big movies get made. Little movies get made with large audiences and small audiences going to see them.

How important to you is the SCALE OF WINNING? When it comes to our own personal power, is making the cover of People Magazine more influential, more important, more relevant than coaxing a small group a friends to join you on a camping trip?  Maybe. Probably. But are you LESS a person if you’re not famous? No. Are you less powerful? No. And here’s why.

Because you really do have the power to become and have anything you want. It’s just a question of belief. If you haven’t gotten more, it’s because something inside you has said it’s difficult to achieve.

Of course some people have many more advantages than others. Some people are born into poverty. Some people are orphans. Some people are born into modern day slavery. And yet, for every one of those horrible conditions we hear of success stories where an individual pulls himself of herself out of the slum. And we love those stories. They give up hope!

Anything is possible if you BELIEVE it is. It’s the magic of life.


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  1. Edwin Tucker says:

    Belief and confidence, yes these are powerful and neccessary things, and doubt can be that corrosive force that results in half hearted efforts or abandonment of goals.
    Thoughts themselves and the imagination seem to exert a creative power. Yet I would suggest that it is more complex that just an elixer of having unwavering belief and confidence to achieve an envisioned goal. To bring back the example of Hitler, the man had unwavering faith and confidence in his abilities as a commander and strategist.
    Yet after a few initial successes disaster followed disaster. How much more difficult the victory over Germany would have been, had Hitler realized his limitations and allowed the Generals to command! At times we set out for ourselves a goal that is not appropriate to our true abilities and talents. We believe and sacrifice and the fact that success does not come we lay on our not working hard enough or not believing hard enough.
    Such a course can lead in the end to tragic disappointment in life.
    We always hear of those who achieve greatness despite hardships and denials, and we are told that the lesson is never to give up. We do not hear of the many who never give up and waste years and years on striving toward goals that are inappropriate.
    Tiger Woods was great not alone because of hard work and being taught to believe in himself but because of his abilities and talents. His downfall is largely due to the crisis in his personal life and the the public attacks, but also he is older.
    Looking at the world through in terms of achievement in regard to Hollywood has a great potential for deception. It seems to outsiders anyway that much that flashes up out of that world is indeed the result of confident assertiveness but then how much of that just passes away with the ephemetry of a summer afternoon’s cloud.
    Our belief must be rooted in a core of truth.
    Many have believed in the possibility of something and held to this belief resolutely.
    And then what they so earnestly believed in fell apart or never came to pass.
    To say that “anything is possibile if you believe it is.” is a common enough thought,
    and it even comes out in the Gospels, I reject it as a falsehood however. Yes in a way it is the “magic of life” but I don’t believe in magic.
    WE know that amoung the pre-columbian civilazions in Central America there were various beliefs regarding the operation of the sun. One of these civilizations, I believe it was the Aztecs, held to the belief that it was necessary to sacrifice large numbers of people (thousands I believe) to ensure that the sun would run its proper course.
    They believed this as powerfully as anybody has believed in anything I would imagine. Now let us say that in the midst of the flowering of their culture, in the midst of the the general embracing of this belief, they had for some reason not been able to sacrifice one person on their altars, would then the days have grown shorter and shorter until only night covered their world?

    1. Irving H. Podolsky says:

      You raise some good points here Edwin, and I’m glad you brought them up. So I’ll respond by going somewhat deeper into the philosophy.

      Let’s take the Hitler example. Yes, Hitler probably had unwavering confidence, so much of it, that he didn’t take the advice of his generals. This you pointed out. So I suspect that within the priorities of what he wanted, control and loyalty came before winning the war. He got what he primarily wanted by believing he deserved it: CONTROL. When he lost control, and loyalty, the war ended and he took his life.

      I can’t comment on the Aztec culture, but I was writing about personal power as apposed to entire societies. And we all agree that many beliefs are not only false but destructive within societies, including our own.

      And I also agree with you that belief alone will not make a person the best in the world or even a decent competitor. One needs the natural talent to start with. However, if you have the desire to do something, and the persistence to learn and practice it, and the confidence to continue on during the natural cycles of trial and error, successes and failures, then you WILL stay in the game. You may not be the best, but you will have put yourself into the drivers seat.

      Put another way: WITHOUT belief and confidence, how can you get what you want? How can you be a winner? You’ll give up before the race is over.

      And one more thing: Getting what you want, or making what you want, or selling what you want, doesn’t mean your product is a any “good.” Lots of “bad” ideas turn into products and systems because people believed they were worth pursuing. The products may fail later. The companies may fail later. The relationships may break down. But the fact is, they wouldn’t have been built to begin with if the creators had not believed they deserved to be built

  2. Jerry's Cousin says:

    Your remarks and Mr. Tucker’s are very good and make sense. I like them.
    Let me give you my view: I’m not rich or famous but I am happy with my life. I probably could have accomplished more in life and didn’t. I’m still happy. I did come from a rather poor in money, family, but I had 2 loving parents and family that loved and cared for us. I did struggle to go on to school, then spent most of my life helping others. That I don’t regret. I never had any desire to be famous, rich, yes, but then I would’ve probably helped even more people than I have. I guess my ambition wasn’t strong enough to drive me to fame. However, I did/do have fun and have been a little crazy throughout my life.
    Thank you for your writings – you make me think!

    1. Irving H. Podolsky says:

      You see JC, you got what you wanted!

      You wanted to SERVE people, to be contented with your life, and that you achieved. And you did that, because you believed it was possible!

      And by the way, you ARE famous. You’re a contributor to this blog!


      1. Jerry's Cousin says:

        I’m famous – WOW! Yes, I guess I am – I know a writer/director in LA.

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