If you’re new to this blog, or this story, “Kindness,” I suggest you read part nine first. Its title is “Sex from the Neck Down” and it is just below this post. Or you can read all the segments starting with #1. I think you’ll discover perusing the details is quite entertaining. Much of this story is comedy.

In a nut shell, here’s the plot so far: Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl, plus one extra.


WHY TELL THE TRUTH? – when it sounds like BS    [Part 10 of 12]

Hours later, as morning’s first light eases through bedroom blinds, Mark awakes from a barrage of Bijou tongue smacks on lips, cheeks and eyes. Mark and beast, nose to nose in Bridget’s bed, are as naked as the two women sleeping beside them. Mark lifts his head. Where’s Ruddles? Oh, there he is, snoozing down there next to three pairs of legs. With all accounted for, Mark drops back to his pillow and rolls right. Bridget’s smooth skinned back is inches away, with her long orangey hair cascading past her shoulders to pink flowered sheets. Amy lies behind him, spooning Mark’s body head to toe, her left hand resting over his waist and her slumbered face nestled close to the back of his neck. A slight smile shapes her mouth. There’s not a crease anywhere else. Her face is doll like, with metal rings and pins holding it together.

Slowly, very slowly, Mark raises Amy’s adorned arm and slithers away from her and the dog down to the foot of the bed. He sits a minute, gazing at a painted, spangled Sleeping Beauty, an amorous angel from another realm with whom he’s falling in love. But it can’t blossom now. A job is waiting. He grabs his clothes from four different places and scampers out of the room.

Bridget adjusts onto her back to watch him leave. It’s not a pleasant moment. She looks glum.

Mark’s driving east toward the rising sun. It’s difficult keeping his eyes open and his mouth closed. He’s still dazed, something close to post traumatic stress disorder. But in a good way.




Long lashed lids flutter open. Amy awakes to find Bridget still close, and the empty space where Mark slept now occupied by two dogs. “He took off,” Bridget states in a flat, detached voice.

“What’d you expect?” Amy leaves the bed.

“Some gratitude would have been nice.”

“Why? You got what you wanted.”

“You got more.”

“Don’t go there, Bridge” Finding her panties, Amy steps into them.

“Your kisses were real.”

Amy yanks up her jeans. “So what if they were? He’s not a baby.”

“For you, maybe.”

“It was your idea. You called me!”

“I know. But it got heavy. It was supposed to go the other way.”

Then float it. You don’t have to see him again.”

“Will you?”

Amy finds her top under Ruddles, puts it on. “If he calls.”

“He’ll get hurt.”

“Cut the BS. This is not about Mark. It’s about you.”

They’re eyes lock. Can you lie to a psychic? You can try but Bridget isn’t, saying nothing.

“Want coffee?” Amy leans in for a kiss on lips. “I’ll make it.” She finds her shoes and heads for the kitchen.

Bridget let’s out a sad and sullen groan. She’s alone again, sitting in her bed, the loneliest place on Earth.




Leaving your mouth open in the shower is not a good idea, even when you’re in love. Ardor, with a capital A, that’s what’s going on in Mark’s mind now; Amy-Love. Amy, Amy, Amy. He tries adjusting to paint factory mode. Ain’t happening. Nor are his hands getting to the soap and the soap getting to his skin. Seems those arms won’t do anything except hang around, ‘cause that’s what happens when guys go gah-gah over Amy.

There’s a knock on the door, followed by lumbering footsteps entering this steamy chamber. It’s Roque, which Mark knows from hearing his heavy shuffle on the other side of the shower curtain. “Hey!” Mark shouts, feeling the cold air break into the room. “I’m not finished! Close the door!”

Roque throws it shut and sits on the toilet. “Where were ya last night?”



“Long story.”

Roque checks his watch. “You’ll be in there an hour. We got time.”

“I’m working today!” blasts back.

“You told me.” Roque picks his nose, finds something, wipes it on his jeans and restarts the inquisition. “What’s goin’ down with you and Bridget?”

The shower turns off. Mark’s hand reaches out from behind the curtain and yanks a towel off the door hook.

“Getting’ close?” Roque continues. “Leavin’ Virgin World any time soon?”

“I’m not a virgin,” comes back.

Roque’s eyes roll. “Okay, so tell me about it.”

The curtain slides open. “I think I’m in love.”

Roque’s jaw drops. “Jesus, fuck!”

What?” Mark steps naked out of the tub.

“Is that your dick?!”

Mark turns away.

“Man! I’ve never seen it before! It’s fucking horse meat!”

Mark throws on his robe. “She’s so totally bitchin’, Roque! I never knew girls could do those things.” He floats into the hall.

“What things?” No answer. Roque yells again. “Hey! What things?!” Nothing. Roque eyes start to bug. You see, his brain is crashing, and he has to reboot. KAH-CHUNK! He jerks. Eyes return to sockets. Reanimated, he flies off the toilet and shouts into the hall, “WHAT THINGS?!”

Mark’s dressing in his bedroom. Roque bounces in. “Dude. She’s like, old!”

“It’s not her. It’s her friend.”

“She’s got friends? And you didn’t tell me?!”

“They’re all weird. You wouldn’t have liked’em.”

“I love weird!”

“This is too weird, like group sex…in front of each other. And a lot of ‘em are parents. And some of’em are really old.”

“How do you know this shit?”

“Bridget took me to this party. It was like, way past bizarre. But I met Amy there. She was super nice. She drove me home. And it turned out, she’s best friends with Bridget. And so, when we got the puppy, Bridget invited Amy over and we all had sex. But me and Amy–”

“STOP! All? Like all-at-once?”

“It started that way. But me and Amy, we kinda took off with it. And it was great. And I think she likes me a lot. Actually I know she does.”

“What did Bridget do when you guys were–”

“She, umm…” Mark thinks back, his right sock half on and half off. “Oh yeah. She watched. And then she pulled some long twisty thing out of her drawer and she was okay with that.”

Roque hasn’t moved since ‘took me to the party’ scorched his ears. He’s crunching data now. Problem is, based on: Mark S. = (+or- 3%) of 10% score rate Xo, the numbers don’t compute. This of course, has no relevance to the new and improved Mr. Sidwell. He slips on his striped Lacoste tennis shirt with the tiny alligator on the left side, feeling very much okay with himself. Roque doesn’t notice, and delivers his opinion. “Fun story, Marko. What really happened?”

To be continued…11/18/2011


Okay, we’ve got a neutral expository scene followed by a serious confrontational scene, followed by a humorous recap scene. I began this story as a comedy, so I think it’s okay to mix serious scenes in with humorous ones. But I think it’s more awkward to mix comedy scenes into  dramas that start out seriously. I don’t why this works this way but it generally does. If anyone disagrees with me, let me know.

So let’s break down these scenes, starting with Mark waking up. Here we answer the dramatic question left hanging in the previous segment: Will Mark Fall for Amy? Well, he does, creating another plot point which shifts the story into another direction.

The second scene establishes Bridget and Amy’s first ever confrontation, and it’s over a man. It also establishes Amy’s attitude about it – no big deal and don’t make it so. We also know that Bridget is jealous, with Amy reminding her, “You don’t have to see him again.” This statement sets up the question, WILL Bridget see Mark again? We, as readers, now know something Mark does not know. If we are rooting for Mark, this information sets up more tension. (If we don’t care about Mark, there is no reason to continue reading.)

Finally we have the Mark-Roque scene written for laughs. (Hopefully you at least chuckled inside.) Roque finally got what he wanted: Mark’s whole story; the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And of course Roque doesn’t believe it.

It also reveals Mark’s new ability to talk about his feelings, as well as, review the story up to now, setting up the reader for act three.

So what IS act three? Will Bridget drop Mark? Will Amy come back for another round of sex play? Will Mark rise to the level of manager in the paint factory. Will Roque ever get laid? Will this story turn into a soap opera? Tune in next week and find out!



  1. Edwin Tucker says:

    After episode 4 I took a break from this story and am now catching up with everything.
    While I once stated that the characters of the story were of no great interest to me, they have now become interesting, and in reading segments 9 and 10 I am feeling an apprehensive excitement as the Mark’s youthful emotions, now excited and rising up as a wave and which seem to be hurtling toward a crash.
    The author’s style is brezzey and dialoge rich,
    and with lines that often are reminiscent of a screenplay rather than literature, and still there is a tendency to include superfluous detail, but this is less evident than previously.
    I would guess that at some point the author may have been influenced by one of these creative writing schools in which the adherants believe that the more details the writer throws in the better. The writer however must be as a Marine marksman who fires to make each shot count, and not as a Libyan militiaman spraying bullets to the sole effect of wasting ammunition. Details must be used sparingly and used so that they pull up entire worlds in the readers imagination. The author however now goes what seems his own way and with good effect. If the style is not what I usually gravitate to, I have to concede that it is effective. There is now in the story a smooth presentation of thoughts and mindsets, and this woven into the action, it aa just rolls along very well.
    I would say that “yes sir, that Podowky got it workin now!”

    1. Irving H. Podolsky says:

      Glad you’re back. Your comments are always welcome.


  2. Jerry's Cousin says:

    I don’t think Bridget will drop Mark. Although, she’s really not interested in him, she’s not about to allow Amy to have him. (Typical girl on girl jealousy). I think Mark has already fallen for Amy, but Amy isn’t aware of it. However, Bridget is aware and that’s why she won’t let him go. Mark started out as a shy, quiet guy, now suddenly he has 2 girls after him. If Amy is in the relationship with Mark and Bridget, for the sex, she’ll be back. However, if she is looking for a guy of her own, she won’t. Amy may try to see Mark without Bridget’s knowledge, to have a one-on-one relationship. This could end Amy’s friendship with Bridget. And maybe it really wasn’t much of a friendship anyway. Then, we have poor Roque. He needs to straighten up and clean up his act. Picking his nose and wiping it on his jeans – Ahhgh. Don’t come near me – I don’t want your boogers on me!!

    1. Irving H. Podolsky says:

      Well JC, you’ve come close to all the possibilities this scenario could go. And of course your psychology is right on. Yet…there are still other paths not taken, and I steered the story down one of them.


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