heic0502aDo you know what I’ve been reading all my adult life?

Since graduating college, I’ve been reading about parallel universes where similar versions of ourselves exist. I’ve read about mind-melding and infinity and invisible portals to other realms. I’ve read about nocturnal visitations, and being touched while asleep by creatures and departed loved ones. I’ve read about super powers like moving a compass simply by thinking it. And I’ve read about turning into a ghost and sailing through walls to visit populations in strange other worlds.

Am I perusing paranormal novels and sci-fi books? No, I’m reading theoretical physics, scientific investigations of psychic phenomena and autobiographies of seekers who left what we call reality/life and returned to write about it.

Why am I reading this stuff?

Because I want to KNOW…about everything.

And what have I come to understand after all the reading and years of personal experimentation? I’ve come to believe there is no ONE truth. And there are no natural laws that apply to everything because we don’t know about Everything. Science now tells us many realities exists, physical and mental.

I also understand that anything imagined becomes REAL…somewhere – and that all beings and particles have infinite futures and outcomes – and that everything that ever WAS, and everything that ever WILL BE, is all happening NOW, and changing from moment to moment – and that there is no ultimate SMALL or ultimate BIG. Both go on forever.

And while pondering these All-There-Is concepts in total awe, I still get pissed off when my wife replaces the toilet paper roll the wrong way.

But that’s called being human, which I am, most of the time. That’s called choosing the small stuff we can manage. That’s called staying focused within an accepted reality we’ve named Cleveland so we can sort of relate to each other, do our jobs and have sex.

Meanwhile, the smartest of the smart all over the world are describing with math and symbols an amorphous, multi-dimensional, expanding, ever changing place we call What IS.

Some people call it God.

I call it Mind-Blowing, because if you can wrap your head around FOREVER with no beginning and no end, you get a headache. With me, the idea of a Universe that never stops makes my brain squirm, like it’s heating up. It’s much easier to FEEL infinity than intellectualize it. So in my twenties, I set upon a journey to feel the Unknown.


I’ve always wanted to know WHAT IS. Always. But reading about the vast ideas of others wasn’t enough. If someone touched God and was infused with news, I wanted that too. LSD didn’t get me there. It just showed me the DOORS, and I had to find a way to get through them without psychedelics. Where were the keys to those doors of perception? As it turned out, I had them all the time.

They were three states of mind: intense desire, the belief that anything is possible, and the patience to keep trying until I succeeded.

Patience…the big one.

Psychically leaving my body demanded months of wanting and hours of concentration until I could, at will, fly to the Other Side. It wasn’t easy. But by accomplishing the task, I discovered that the magic described in juicy paranormal novels is not so Para. Werewolves, vampires, zombies, sexy super heroes and handsome gods actually exist. If they didn’t, no one would write about them. We share those beings in our Collective Consciousness, in our archetypal fears and need to move beyond human limitations.

And so we dream the dreams of Peter Pan, combat and victory. And we keep the Meanies safely confined to mental realms and fantasy, unless our fears overwhelm us and we pull into our real-world a dog attack or an abusive lover. Or someone we love suffers a stroke and loses her mind while her body stays intact. Severe senility, Alzheimer’s or a accidental brain injury can certainly send our souls into a real life “living dead” existence.

Isn’t it safer to deal with trauma by reading about it in a book or watching it on the screen where the monsters are conquered and our heroes always win? That’s why we write about werewolves and vampires. Real life is scarier.

But our fantasies can lift us as well, into magic that really can be REAL if we just BELIEVE it is!

Some of us are lucky enough, or want it enough, to make dreams come alive and remember them when eyes flutter open. How do we do that? We vivify dreams by managing to stay awake inside them, or it just happens that way and we wish it would happen again.

It can, if we want the magic badly enough.

Dreaming while awake is described in psychology books. It’s a hypnogogic state classified as LUCID DREAMING and many experts with Ph.D.’s think it’s hallucination based.

I don’t think so. I think the experiences are real, but not of this world.

I believe this because I’ve had control of conscious dreaming many times, and something even more bazaar called Out-of-Body-Experiences, or OOBE’s for short. They were once labeled as astral projection.

I didn’t read about it and then decide I wanted it. The journeys happened first.

One night my consciousness spontaneously ejected out of my body, I received a message and then needed to find out what it all meant. Then it happened again…for years.

My first time out, in 1974, nothing in mainstream literature described the experience. So I sought out occult stores and found maybe ten or twelve books on the subject. That’s all. But it was enough validating info to tell me I wasn’t goings insane. Other people had also broken free of physical space and encountered Beings not of this World.

RainbowBridgebgd‘Wow!’ I thought. ‘Angels are real!’

Through the years I read everything I could find about leading edge theories in parapsychology, psychic phenomena, human consciousness, astronomy and physics. I cross-referenced these various points-of-view defining the edges of the Known and built my personal What-If paradigm.

Today those what-if concepts are dramatized in movies, TV shows and paranormal book genres. And we pretend it’s all fantasy because accepting the responsibility of our true powers can be intimidating.

What we believe really does comes true.

Many doubt this axiom. Who has that much mind-over-matter control? Well, we all do, but it’s subtle and mistaken for luck, chance and coincidences.

When we think about something with charged emotions, positive or negative, our mental projections eventually happen. They may not turn out the way we expected them, but the Universe eventually delivers our expectations is some form or action. The process is called the Law of Attraction and it has been written about in many ways with many names for centuries.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you.”             Matthew 7:7

But how powerful IS asking and believing? Will praying save a life? Yes, but remember, LIFE is more than physical existence. You may not save a body, but you can save a soul, as long as it’s your own. This planet is not the only world in which we live.

We are Multi-Dimensional Beings in a multi-dimensional Universe.


Many physicists now agree that advanced math and particle accelerators indicate multiple universes, and in some of those planes there exists another you and me. I think our consciousness can travel to those places and view our other selves in strange situations. It’s called dreaming, and it’s just as real as waking life as long as we understand how dreaming works: our mind conjures symbols it can understand.

I expect that in one of those multi-dimensional parallel worlds my wife replaces the toilet roll the right way, with the paper dropping from the front. I’m waiting for that dream.



Originally published on Curiosityquills.com.




  1. David says:

    It seems metaphysics is, in no small measure, quantum physics, just expressed in a different way.

    When I get a headache from pondering the great “What Is” for too long, I find a couple big glasses of wine are just what’s called for.

    1. Irving H. Podolsky says:

      Wine? Yes, me too. And then I go to sleep.


  2. Jerry's Cousin says:

    I’ll never live long enough to read all the things/topics that interest me. However, my mind is limitless to where I can go. And there, in my mind, I can do it all.

    1. Irving H. Podolsky says:

      Yes, you can do it ALL, JC. Exactly YOUR way! Thanks for checking in again.


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