It was Great While It Lasted


Yep. This blog was great while it lasted. But it’s time to close the store. It might open again at some time in the future. Maybe. But I don’t think anytime soon. For those of you who’ve been reading my thoughts over the past two years, I want you to know I wholly appreciated your interest, many shares and occasional comments. You made me happy.

Ultimately though, I’ve said what I needed to say and have started repeating subjects and themes. To be totally open, the posts have become homework and I don’t think that’s good for you or me. My writing and your reading my blog no longer feels like it’s a good use of our time. Perhaps you came to that conclusion a while back. If you did, it’s understandable. I’m with you on that.

So I’m saying, “Goodbye.” I’m not leaving the planet nor my writing. I’m just adjusting my focus again like I do about almost everything. Change keeps my life refreshed. I have to keep exploring new stuff to avoid the “B” word – boredom. You know that about me if you’ve been reading my blogs for any length of time. I believe expansion is necessary for evolution, personal and in nature. That’s why I have to stop the column. I’m finding that widening the content isn’t working that well, at least not in this format. So I think you understand, when a creative project has matured it’s time to wrap it up and start something new.

As I close this door, I send my best wishes to you and for all your pursuits and challenges. Don’t settle for anything less than you can possibly be and don’t give up. If you can step back after reading my blog and agree with me, that going the distance pays off, then I’ve done my job encouraging you with your job. Have fun with it and don’t be scared. If you’re fulfilled and happy because you’re not letting yourself down, because you’re always moving closer to your goals, because you put yourself in charge, I promise you more good things will come your way. That’ how it works: like attracts like – happiness attracts more happiness. DIGITAL CAMERA

It’s all good.

For anyone who wishes to keep in touch, you can reach me via Irving.Podolsky@Earthlink.net. If you write I’ll answer.



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