How to Be a Stranger’s Best Friend




I don’t know, maybe it just happens with me. Maybe I live in a zone where people who super like me, and act like it when we’re together, never call me. Some don’t even text back. But if I keep trying and trying and finally we connect, the phone conversation or face time seems truly genuine, sincere and intimate with musical words flowing into my ears, as in…


“I miss you so much.”

“I think about you all the time.”

“I’m so happy we got together.”

“I can tell you things I can’t tell anyone else.”

“I love you.”

We then part and I won’t hear from them again unless I phone six times.


I don’t get it. Is love-ignore, love-ignore a cosmic joke or boot camp for Unconditional Love? ‘Cause if it is, I know the drill already! I don’t need more reminders about GIVING! I want some GETTING, like calls or emails or cell phone pics! (Am I sounding like a Jewish mother?)

You wanna know my wish list for 2015? I wanna be best friends with someone who is NOT a stranger! One-way reach-out sucks. And that applies to family too, except for Mom and two nephews on my wife’s side. Those call-me-first folk are gods in my world.

Now, my wife has a few close friends and a sister who do call her all the time. So when I tell her about my waiting-for-the-phone-to-ring anguish, she says, “You know how people are. They’ve got a lot of things going in their lives.”

And I’m thinking, No. I DON’T know how people are. I only know about me and I return calls ASAP.Pillow-Talk-classic-movies-25798210-1280-720

Readers, am I the only one? Am I just dreaming a phone fantasy where people call each other just to check in? Is that reality anymore? Was it ever? Or should I wake up in the real world and stop screaming, “Is anybody out there!?”

Hummm… If I’m nicer, would more people want to call me, besides Mom?


But maybe I’m not alone with this. Maybe you too have long waits for call backs that never come. Do your friends phone you? Or do you have to call them first? And if you’re always going to them, are those people B list chums?

Or maybe you haven’t noticed which way it goes and it doesn’t matter who calls who. Maybe I should be more tolerant, stop judging and keep reaching out until somebody picks up the damn phone and tells me they love me. Maybe I should buy a service that calls me and tells me they love me. Maybe I should get my wife to do that. Maybe I should leave messages for myself that say that.


Dear Readers, do you love me? If so, why don’t you guys leave comments? Why do I have to write all the words all the time? Can’t you share at least some of the load? Hey! It’s almost the New Year – a new beginning – I write something, you write something, I write something back. You wouldn’t be strangers anymore!

Here, I’ll make it easy. I’ll write the script. Just cut and paste it, then send it back to me like a holiday card that says, “Best something or other.” Then sign it. Pretend I’m your Uncle Irving.


Dearest Irv,

I know I don’t leave comments but I can’t wait to see your posts each week! Sometimes I even read them. So just for the record, I want you to know…

I miss you so much, Irv.

I think about you all the time, Irv.

I’m so happy we get together on the web.

You tell me things nobody else does.

I adore you, Irv!

(Your Name here)

fireworks-heartThat was great for me. How was it for you? Feel all tingly inside? Feel like you brought more love into the world, or at least to Irv?

Oh… I forgot. You’re too shy to tell me that in public. You want our relationship to be special and private. I get it. It’s private. It’s so private, I’m not in it. But I know you love me just the same, ‘cause you keep coming back each week to read a stranger’s thoughts, even when he writes about his brain damaged friend.

So from one stranger to another, I love you, whoever you are. Have a super New Year’s celebration…while you’re thinking of me.

Best something or other…

Your Uncle Irv


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  1. Irving H. Podolsky says:

    Interesting… My friends and family are calling me! And not just returned calls. And I know they didn’t read this blog. Hummm… Did I ever write about how people bring into their Universe what they think about? I swear, it happens that way.


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